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Learn How A Chantilly VA Web Design Company Can Help Your Business

A Chantilly web design company now offers a comprehensive service to clients who want to tap into the opportunities provided by the Internet. From website design right up to professional email marketing, you can get it done here. You do not even need to come in: everything can be arranged online.

One thing is still a constant for a successful business: good service still crucial. You will be amazed at how quickly word of poor service gets around. And repeat business is known to be the most profitable, while happy customers can be relied on to keep sending more business your way.

Most people these days rely on the Internet to get things done. Rather than drop in to a business they pass every day, they do a search to see what companies turn up. The choice is much wider than if you just use a local business, and you might even find reviews online.

However, first impressions still count, and even more so when you are doing business on the web. If your site is unappealing, slow to load, or difficult to navigate, then you will lose most of your potential customers. With so many other companies to choose from, customers do not need to put up with such an unprofessional approach.

For this reason your website must be professional and completely intuitive. You also need good SEO to help customers find you. You may be just what they need, but if you are not on that first page of search results for the appropriate keywords they are unlikely ever to find you.

While Chantilly VA might not seem the most obvious place to find a great company, the Internet does away with such preconceptions. You will get a professional service which covers every aspect of web marketing. You will be amazed at what a huge difference professional marketing can make to your business: you will never regret approaching true professionals.

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Survey says …

Do you like taking surveys and quizzes online?  Maybe you want to earn a few bucks.  Maybe you just want to know which Love Actually character is most like you (I’m Natalie … as if I needed a quiz to tell me that)!  It can be fun to tick a box here, rate your feelings, and add a few comments on any given subject.

In fact, you may even get brave enough to participate in more in-depth, in person market research surveys.  When my daughter was small, we had a survey company invite us to participate in an in-person research survey about bathtime habits and products for Johnson & Johnson.  It took less than an hour of our time, and we made $75 talking about what the two year old liked to do in the tub.

One of my newer clients runs a market research consultancy firm, and what they do has always been of great interest to me.  I admit, I’m a fairly opinionated person, but I really like the idea of both performing surveys on others and being invited to give my opinion on new products, commercials, branding strategies, and more.  Do you remember hearing about Neilsen ratings as a kid?  Didn’t you think it would be great fun to be “a Neilsen family”?  How exciting, to control what shows succeed or fail!

Today, all kinds of businesses turn to market research as the best way to gauge public response to their products and marketing efforts before they invest too much time and money.  Though market research surveys can be time consuming, they provide the most helpful insight into what will and won’t sell.  If you have a consumer product to offer, consider getting some feedback before you launch!

Thanksgiving, Day 2: Amazing Clients!

When I first started my job at ImageWorks web design firm in VA last year, I was told that I wouldn’t have much contact with my clients.  Typically, clients would have one main contact at the firm, who would provide them with any information they needed about SEO and marketing (my jobs) as well as web design and graphics work.  It sounded reasonable, and while I knew I would miss interacting with my clients, it seemed like the easiest way for them to have a simple, uniform experience with our agency.

As time has passed, I’ve found myself communicating more and more with my marketing clients.  It wasn’t anything we planned, but that’s just how things work now, and it makes me really happy.

First of all, I work with great people.  They’re cheerful and appreciative, and nine times out of ten, any conversations I have with them involve good humor and good productivity.  Most of the time, their phone calls are a pleasant part of my day.

What’s more, I’m generally not the most social person – I’m actually not at all comfortable in large groups or dealing with strangers – but put me in a position at work where I feel capable and confident, and I really do enjoy the chance to talk to the people for whom I’m working.  It helps me feel inspired to do my best work and produce great results for them, when I feel like we’re connected as human beings.  There’s a sense of ownership, and “we’re all in this together” that can be really motivating.

Finally, I’m grateful for my clients because at the end of the day, I know that they’re trusting me to help their businesses succeed.  That’s a huge amount of faith to put in another person, and I appreciate every ounce of it. I remember this ever day, as I hope I live up to the task!