Monthly Archives: December 2016

Survey says …

Do you like taking surveys and quizzes online?  Maybe you want to earn a few bucks.  Maybe you just want to know which Love Actually character is most like you (I’m Natalie … as if I needed a quiz to tell me that)!  It can be fun to tick a box here, rate your feelings, and add a few comments on any given subject.

In fact, you may even get brave enough to participate in more in-depth, in person market research surveys.  When my daughter was small, we had a survey company invite us to participate in an in-person research survey about bathtime habits and products for Johnson & Johnson.  It took less than an hour of our time, and we made $75 talking about what the two year old liked to do in the tub.

One of my newer clients runs a market research consultancy firm, and what they do has always been of great interest to me.  I admit, I’m a fairly opinionated person, but I really like the idea of both performing surveys on others and being invited to give my opinion on new products, commercials, branding strategies, and more.  Do you remember hearing about Neilsen ratings as a kid?  Didn’t you think it would be great fun to be “a Neilsen family”?  How exciting, to control what shows succeed or fail!

Today, all kinds of businesses turn to market research as the best way to gauge public response to their products and marketing efforts before they invest too much time and money.  Though market research surveys can be time consuming, they provide the most helpful insight into what will and won’t sell.  If you have a consumer product to offer, consider getting some feedback before you launch!